Triple Harvest Pumpkin Latte

September 26th, 2014

3 shot(s) espresso
1 3/4 oz. Monin Pumpkin Spice
Steamed milk

Add espresso to cup. Add Monin Pumpkin Spice. Fill with steamed milk and stir. Garnish with whipped cream, and a drizzle of Monin Caramel Sauce

Spiced Vanilla Apple Tea Recipe

September 26th, 2014

Spiced Vanilla Apple TeaIngredients:
1/4 oz Monin Vanilla Syrup
1/2 oz Monin Cinnamon Syrup
4 oz apple juice
3 oz fresh brewed tea

Fill a serving glass with ice. Add French Vanilla Syrup and Cinnamon Syrup. Pour apple juice and tea over the mixture. Cap and shake vigorously. Garnish and serve.