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Beat The Heat And Grow Sales By Incorporating Iced Coffee In Your Summer Menu!

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

With the rising temperatures, it’s about that time of year to start offering iced coffee and iced specialty drinks!  Iced drinks can be an integral part of coffee sales during the warm summer seasons, allowing customers to have an opportunity to escape intense heat and cool off while getting caffeinated, especially in the South!

There are several different ways to offer iced coffee these days, and many cafes have decided to utilize the “toddy” method of cold-brewing coffee.  However, there are other methods available that can be utilized using equipment you already own in your shop!

Making concentrates is a popular way of offering iced coffee, having ultimately a concoction that is twice as potent as you would normally brew, then adding ice.  One of the unique benefits of iced coffee is that it has a lower acidity than that of normal coffee, and also has a lower amount of caffeine (especially appealing to the late night coffee drinker in all of us)!  Keep in mind that dark roasted coffee tends to yield a smoother and more enjoyable flavor than lightly roasted coffee.

The toddy brewing process creates a concentrate that you can add to frappes, iced lattes, iced mochas, or just create iced coffee.

The Japanese method is rapidly gaining popularity throughout cafes as the way to serve iced coffee.  This consists of any pour over device (Chemex, Hario V60, etc.) and takes only a couple of minutes to prepare.  This process produces an extremely smooth and flavorful cup of iced coffee, brewing  right onto ice so it is only hot for a couple of seconds.  You can also incorporate your drip brewer to produce larger quantities of iced coffee by using the amount of coffee that yields a full pot but only running the half-pot water cycle.  Of course you will still brew on top of a container that has the correct proportion of ice (the same ratio as for the pour-over method).

Iced Vietnamese-style coffee is another great method which requires a Phin filter and condensed milk.  Start by pouring a small amount of condensed milk into the vessel you wish to brew into and add coffee (1 rounded tablespoon per 6 ounces at a coarse grind) to the Phin filter.  Brew on top of the condensed milk, stir, and add ice!  The later two methods are not concentrations, so it is important to get the right proportions every time so you do not water down the coffee.

Iced americanos will also help increase coffee sales during the warmer months by adding a cool refreshing version of a classic coffee beverage.  Simply pull the shots of espresso directly into cool water and then add ice!

From a cost perspective, Toddy produces a larger quantity of iced coffee, running at about .21 cents an ounce.  The Japanese method is brewed by the cup which requires a little bit more time and skill, but runs at only about .04 cents per ounce. While the Japanese-method costs less, it does call for more time per cup whereas the toddy is already made and ready to be used.

Iced signature or specialty beverages can also help increase your profit margins during the warmer seasons while standard coffee sales tend to slow down, and also increase efficiency by adding profitable and sought after items!  The best way to prepare iced lattes or signature drinks involving milk is to add the ingredients and milk into a cup and pull the shots on top of the milk, leaving room for ice.  This keeps the espresso shots from melting the ice and becoming watery, thereby diminishing the full flavor of the espresso.  Then all that is left is to stir, add ice and serve!

Below are some links that may be of use when starting to get into the brewing processes:

Why Toddy?

Check our our Recipe area for some great cold drink options!

Why Toddy? Using Toddy in your coffee shop or Café.

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

With summer in full swing, it is critical that you have the appropriate beverages available on your menu, so your customers are able to cool down with luscious, frozen and iced drinks. Smoothies, frappes and iced coffees are excellent menu items; however, you will find those items brewed the same way in just about every café. For something easy and cost effective that will set your cafe apart from others, give TODDY brewing a try!

The TODDY method, also known as cold brewing, is the process of steeping coarsely ground coffee in room temperature water for an extended period of time (typically 12 hours or more). Though it takes a while to make, once completed, your drink options are plentiful. But before we talk about the numerous drinks one can make with TODDY brewed coffee, let’s talk about some of its benefits. The original purpose of the TODDY method was to produce a coffee that contained lower levels of acidity. Acidity is sometimes undesirable, due to its ability to upset sensitive stomachs, and it can also adversely affect the flavor if incorrectly balanced. Although the TODDY method does a good job of reducing undesirable acidity, there is another very useful advantage to the TODDY method, namely shelf stability. Coffee brewed using a traditional hot water method is typically stale within a few hours; however, coffee that is brewed cold over time has a different chemical structure and therefore can stay fresh for weeks. You can also reduce waste by brewing large batches of TODDY at once. Spilled coffee, used filters and overdosing are no longer a cause for concern. Once brewed, your barista can simply pour the exact amount of coffee that they need and put the rest back into the fridge.

A great feature with TODDY is that you can use it however you would use standard dip coffee or espresso. Typically, TODDY is served as a cold drink; however, it is not uncommon to use it in hot drinks as well. Some of the more traditional TODDY recipes include iced lattes, iced coffees and TODDY frappes. For hot drinks, you can make an “au lait” by combining it with steamed milk and butterscotch or other flavors, create mochas and of course your standard cup of coffee just by adding hot water. Another unique use of TODDY is coffee flavored whipped cream which can always add that perfect touch to any drink.

The TODDY method is a great way to ensure that just about all coffee products can be delivered quickly. It allows you to add something unique to your café, and it introduces your customer to a whole new aspect of the world of coffee. A TODDY® maker is relatively inexpensive. From all of its advantages, to the tasty drinks you can create, TODDY is definitely something to consider for your shop.