Green Smoothies Bring In the Green

If 2014’s meteoric rise in the sales of super-premium green juice—a mix of healthy veggies like kale, celery, cucumber and other leafy “super foods”—is any indication, Americans have become addicted to drinking their vegetables. The trend is likely driven by celebs and fashionistas [read more]

Build Business with Frappes and Smoothies

From innovative cream-based frappes to icy fruit-based smoothies, consumers are becoming more attracted to gourmet and healthy beverages. As a result, smoothies and frappes are among the fastest growing segments in the specialty beverage industry. According to Mintel’s 2014 Menu Insights, frappe [read more]

Proper Brewing for Iced Coffee

Iced Coffee brew techniques—whether you choose a pour-over method or an airpot brewer—generally call for the same coffee-to-water ratio: 1 part coffee to roughly 15 parts filtered water. The brewed coffee is then immediately introduced to ice, which stalls the [read more]